We help keep people safe. Our cutting-edge research enables us to offer a wide range of pioneering and effective IPC solutions as well as unparalleled, bespoke training and support.


Infection Prevention and Control

Each year, over four million people in Europe contract a healthcare-associated infection. Improving hand and environment hygiene are essential steps to break the chain of transmission. We commit to producing high-quality products which truly reduce pathogens and harmful microorganisms.

Our products


With the threat of microbial resistance rising, constant innovations are needed to deliver safe healthcare. The team at our state-of-the-art Fellows Research Centre explore areas ranging from microbiology to formulation and material science, supporting every GAMA product with a robust package of scientific evidence.

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Interactive training

Interactive training designed for you

GAMA’s suite of dedicated training resources has been developed in collaboration with the UK’s leading infection prevention specialists. All our educational resources, from our online training hub to face-to-face sessions, are fully customisable and have been designed to teach best practice in an engaging, interactive way.


Business support

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Study days support

Study day and event sponsorship

We're passionate about education and teaching best practice. We support specialists and IPC nurses at study days and educational events.

Creative Services

Creative services

Our in-house creative team produce bespoke posters and collateral for customers, allowing you to showcase your IPC compliance initiatives.

Partners & collaborators

Revolutionary ideas can come from anywhere. Collaborate and innovate with GAMA.

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Microfibre and water isn’t magical

There’s a word on the street that microfibre combined with water is suitable for all cleaning challenges.

2019_uv-room-disinfection-system-face-off_Gama_1366x400px copy.jpg

UV room disinfection system face-off

An important new US study has performed an epic head-to-head evaluation of 8 different UV-based room disinfection systems.


What's going on with surface disinfection in dental settings?

An interesting new article reviews the history and state-of-the-art for surface disinfection in dentistry settings.