Discover how East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Trust increased and improved ventilation with Rediair


10th May 2023


Discover how East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Trust (ESNEFT) increased and improved ventilation across their Trust to deal with respirator organisms by introducing 200 Rediair units across their estate.

Earlier this month, we spoke with Michelle Biggins, Infection Prevention and Control Lead nurse from ESNEFT, to find out how they’re delivering improved air quality throughout the Trust. This is what she had to say:

A review of the Trust's air quality and ventilation

Michelle took us through the Trust’s review process of the quality of air in wards, especially dealing with respiratory pathogens. The team investigated the infrastructure of the estates in the Trust and discovered variability in ventilation and quality of air, especially at ward level. She expressed that in some wards, the only ventilation available was the passive movement of air via an open window(s). This is helpful in the summer but not in the winter. The challenges they found regarding the current air purification units were, size, noise and cost of units. It was clear that some wards did not have sufficient ventilation in place, and improvements were necessary to support patient care and staff safety.

“We don’t need anything fancy and convoluted we just need a small unit that would cleanse the air”.

The patient benefits from mechanical ventilation

The Trust’s review of options identified Rediair as a preferred solution. Between December 2022 and January 2023, ESNEFT procurement team acquired 200 Rediair units and began installation of units across the Trust, focusing on bays. Once in place, staff and patients recognised that the Trust was doing something to protect their health and wellbeing. “The Rediair units are quiet, small, and easy to clean. Instantly giving patients and healthcare workers confidence in the air quality”, says Michelle. Michelle expressed that since there has been a pull back on testing for respiratory disease such as COVID, less mask wearing etc. “Rediair’s HEPA-14 filters removed strong odours from the wards. Giving staff the reassurance of a safer working environment”, says Michelle.

Support from GAMA

Installing the units was a team effort, with staff from the Trust and GAMA assembling, transporting and setting up the Rediair units. “If we didn’t have support from the wider Trust and GAMA, we wouldn’t have achieved this”, says Michelle. She expressed that colleagues were reassured that the management of the units weren’t labour-intensive.

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Michael Godwin-Sanni

Clinical Specialist - Consumables, GAMA Healthcare

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