Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes efficacy against novel coronavirus (COVID-19)


14th February 2020



Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes are effective against coronavirus in a 2 minute contact time.

[Update 14/02/20: the World Health Organisation have given the outbreak a permanent name. The disease is now known as COVID-19 (COronaVIrus Disease 2019). The virus that causes the disease has been names SARS-CoV-2 by the International Committe on the Taxonomy of Viruses. The WHO has also declared the situation a "public health emergency of international concern."]

Original publication date 23/01/20.

As the WHO emergency committee meeting continues, the situation around Wuhan coronavirus continues to evolve. Also known as ‘novel coronavirus (nCoV)’ and ‘2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)’, the emerging strain was first identified on the 7th of January 2020.

From the same family as those that cause ‘Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV)’ and those responsible for the SARS outbreak in 2003, the emerging virus has already elicited travel bans in attempts to stop the spread of infection.


We're responding to the situation as it develops. This post addresses the efficacy of Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes against Wuhan coronavirus.

The importance of hand hygiene.

Wuhan coronavirus has now confirmed to spread from human to human. Learning from SARS (1) and MERS-CoV (2), it’s important for infection prevention teams to promote best practice.

Infectious human coronaviruses can survive on surfaces for a matter of days (3) and can persist on Personal Protective Equipment (4).

That’s why good hand hygiene is critical.

As effective as soap and water.

Traditional hand disinfectants, such as alcohol gels, are only effective on ‘visibly clean hands.’ With traditional hand disinfectants, soiled hands must be washed with soap and water.

Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes are as effective as soap and water at removing microorganisms (5). They are perfectly effective on soiled hands. Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes are an ideal hand hygiene solution, particularly when sinks are unavailable (as in water-less wards) and in water-based outbreaks.


Two minute contact time.

Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes are effective against coronavirus in a 2 minute contact time.

Hand washing technique can be performed as normal. The wipe physically removes microbes and the disinfectant kills the virus.

Travel-sized packaging.

During the MERS-CoV outbreak 30-43% of airport surfaces were contaminated with viable coronavirus (6,7).

The World Health Organisation recommends to frequently clean hands whilst travelling.

Our Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes are available in boxes of 100 single, individually wrapped wipes – ideal to protect from coronavirus whilst travelling.

They’re also frequently used in healthcare facilities, on patient food trays, to clean hands before eating. The individually wrapped wipes minimise cross-contamination between patients.

Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes are an effective hand hygiene solution for coronavirus outbreaks.

When to use.

Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes both clean and disinfect hands at the same time. The wipes are antibacterial and effective against important viruses including coronavirus, noronvirus and influenza.

For more information about 2019 novel Wuhan coronavirus, please see your local infection prevention team or the latest national or international guidance. World Health Organisation, Centres for Disease Control and Public Health England.

For more information information about product efficacy, please see the website pages for Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes, the Clinell Universal Range and Clinell Sporicidal Wipes.

Disclaimer: given the rapidly developing situation, it is not yet possible for disinfectant manufacturers to test against the exact 2019-nCoV strain. However, independent third-party tests have confirmed the efficacy of Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes against similar strains of coronavirus, using international standard test methods. We will be testing our products against the 2019-nCoV strain once health authorities make the strain available.


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