Clinell services

Alongside the products in the Clinell range, GAMA also offers a range of services to support you in your effort to reduce infection.

Dispensers and installation

Dispensers & installation

Helping you place our wipes where they're needed most. Endorsed by the Infection Prevention Society Industry Insights, our easy-to-clean, colour-coded dispensers promote cleaning compliance by locating our products right at the point of use. Available to Clinell customers, our experienced engineers can work with you to execute an installation plan.

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Rapid Response

Rapid Response

Allowing you to access Scarlet without purchasing equipment or committing to a long-term contract. With a patented blend of Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid vapour, it's faster and safer than traditional HPV – needing just 1 hour for room turnaround. Our technicians provide effective room decontamination at your preferred date and time.

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Interactive training

Interactive training designed for you

GAMA’s suite of dedicated training resources has been developed in collaboration with the UK’s leading infection prevention specialists. All our educational resources, from our online training hub to face-to-face sessions, are fully customisable and have been designed to teach best practice in an engaging, interactive way.




Getting disinfectant wipes to the point of care

A survey investigated isolation precautions in a hospital. 14% of inpatients were on isolation precautions. Compliance with single rooms, signage, and PPE was >90%. However, only 2% of rooms had disinfectant wipes available at the point of care.


The importance of training in getting the best out of disinfectant wipes

Staff training is a vital component of achieving effective hospital cleaning and disinfection.


Choosing the right disinfectant wipe

There is a wide range of options when choosing the most appropriate disinfectant wipe.

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