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Helping healthcare professionals uphold patient hygiene without ever sacrificing comfort. Our gentle, dermatologically-tested products are ideal for every aspect of patient care, from bed baths to heavy duty cleaning tasks.

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Bedbath Range

Complete rinse-free bed bathing solutions with unique moisturising formula.

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Personal Care Wipes Range

Skin-friendly patient care wipes are gentle yet effective with a unique combination of moisturisers designed to promote soft, healthy skin.

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Training and services

Customers purchasing Carell products also gain access to GAMA’s suite of dedicated training resources. This includes our Online Training Hub, where you’ll find engaging, interactive sessions designed to teach best practice in patient care, as well as face-to-face training sessions with our expert infection prevention and control trainers.

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If you’re interested in purchasing Carell products for your organisation, please get in touch with us. Or, if applicable, speak to your procurement team.

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Microfibre and water isn’t magical

There’s a word on the street that microfibre combined with water is suitable for all cleaning challenges.

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UV room disinfection system face-off

An important new US study has performed an epic head-to-head evaluation of 8 different UV-based room disinfection systems.


What's going on with surface disinfection in dental settings?

An interesting new article reviews the history and state-of-the-art for surface disinfection in dentistry settings.

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